Happy Guy

I learn in my religious formation, be happy with others’ happiness; so be it, I am a really happy guy. (Jose Mourinho)


I have not created anything

Asked if he has a “mystical power” over his players when he is preparing them for a match, Wenger replied: “Religiously, it is said that God created man. I am only a guide. I allow others to express what they have in them. I have not created anything. I am a facilitator of what is beautiful in man. (Arsène Wenger details philosophy)

shifts in the intensity of time

Yet what happens in our experience of football is that time accelerates and decelerates – when you’re watching football you experience these kind of shifts in the intensity of time. And that’s very interesting, because that’s a very good illustration of the way time is actually experienced. We don’t experience it as a continuum; it’s a series of intensities that morph in shape and develop, and there can be periods of intense boredom and then periods of instant acceleration. The odd thing about football is that it reveals something really important about the malleable quality of time, I think. (Simon Critchley)

In Memoriam Football Weekly

To cries of WHAT? NO! around the globe, James Richardson has left The Guardian Football Weekly. The end of an era. A sad day. Football weekly was simply the best. As Richard Whittall put it so well:

When I finally capitulated and gave the Guardian podcast a listen, I remember feeling as if I’d stumbled on the sort of conversation I’d always wanted to have about football… Hosted by Italophile pun-spinner James Richardson and side-kicked by Irish buzz-kill Barry Glendenning, featuring a rotating cast of international scribes like Rafa Honigstein and Fernando Duarte, the show regarded football both as a matter of life and death and a mere trifle, in other words, as it is. And, contrary to my expectations, everyone was as funny as hell—I would be often caught sniggering like a schoolboy while listening to the pod on the streetcar in my Toronto neighbourhood.

Barry Glendenning on Losing as Entertainment

The latest Guardian Fottball Weekly lacks Jimbo, but Jimbo’s foil, Barry (“buzz-kill“) Glendenning had one of his best lines. Sachin Nkrani was talking about how miserable it must be for Sunderland fans to be always losing, and asks Barry if it wouldn’t actually be preferable to be relegated, and spend next season actually winning some games in the Championship:

Nakrani: If you keep losing every week… it must be bloody miserable

Glendenning: It is kind of entertaining, to be honest.

Classic Barry— the football fan who enjoys seeing his own team lose.